Please welcome our two new GAASA Board members at the upcoming League meeting at Pinnacle on May 7th at 7:30pm-9pm. (Note the date and time listed below was previously listed incorrectly, please update your calendars). 

Mike Gaugler has been appointed as the VP of Youth Girls position.

Dennis Simmons has been appointed as the Executive VP position.   


A copy of the referee report & gameday rosters needs submitted to:,,   

Notify the appropriate VP (Girls-Mike Gaugler  or Boys - Greg Lamey) with accidental score reporting errors that need disputed and fixed, as well as President Nic Olechnowicz.

When reporting your game scores, please remember that the referees should list the actual score on the referee report, but we only report a 6 goal differential.  You should report your scores within 48hrs on the GAASA Legacy site.  If you are also taking the time to report it twice (old & new) through the Stack link at the bottom left of your gameday roster, the scores are listed here:


Notify Dennis Simons, Executive VP and Nic Olechnowicz, President, immediately should there be any disciplinary issues that involve game ejections / red cards. &


When emailing the GAASA Board it is always helpful provide all the specifics (date/game number/team name/age-division/home field/coach w-contact info, etc).



•        March 5th-Spring Division Review 6:30-8:00pm

•        March 5th-League Meeting /8pm

•        March 9th-Spring Preliminary Schedule

•        March 22nd & 23rd-GAASA/Ohio North Grassroots Courses (Pinnacle)

•        March 25th-Spring Player Registration Close

•        March 25th-N/C Schedule Change Deadline

•        April 2nd-1st Late Player Reg Ends

•        April 13th-Spring Season Starts

•        April 21st-Easter Sunday Weekend

•        April 30th-Late Player Reg Ends

•        May 7th-League Meeting /7:30pm

•        May 27th-Memorial Day Weekend

•        June 2nd-Spring Season Ends

•        June 8/9th-Spring Play-Offs

•        July 16th-League Meeting /6pm

•        October 1st -League Meeting /7:30pm


Ohio North Risk Management Policy


U.S. Center for SafeSport
On February 14, 2018, (
S.534) was signed into law.  Click HERE for the U.S. Center for SafeSport's fact sheet about the legislation. Online awareness/prevention training is available at no cost to Ohio North Adult Members and consists of three (3) training modules which include:

·        Sexual Misconduct

·        Mandatory Reporting

·        Emotional and Physical Misconduct


For more information on training and how to enroll, click HERE.




Return to Play Law 143

To protect youth athletes, the State of Ohio has passed a concussion law, Bill 143, effective April 26,

2013. This bill is also known as  the “Return to Play” law. If a coach, referee, or official is knowingly not compliant with the Return to Play law, including training requirements and removal from play requirements, he or she could face civil liability (see O.R.C. 3707.511 (F)(1)) should a child become injured due to his failure to follow the law. Additionally, coaches, referees and officials who fail to follow the law may be rendered ineligible to participate in Ohio North member league events and Ohio North-sponsored events.


***Referee Concussion Reporting Policy***

Referees are required to notify the proper tournament or league officials for players removed from games for possible concussions as follows: 1) at Ohio North sanctioned tournament games, referees are to keep passes of players removed from games for possible concussions and turn those passes into the proper authorized personnel, to be held until the end of the tournament or until signed written medical authorization forms clearing the players have been received; 2) at league games, referees are to keep passes of players removed from games for possible concussions and return the player passes at the completion of the games; and 3) at recreational games, referees are to notify the proper tournament or league authorities of players removed from games for possible concussions.


Goal Safety


Lightning Safety